To Streamline

I'm trying to get things a little more straight forward and easier for me to keep up with regarding the business, to that end I'm asking that everyone who wishes to use LJ to keep up with what's going on to please just add my personal journal the_borgqueen to their friend's list and let me know you're there for business news and updates and I'll add you to the filter I'm making for these updates.

I regret doing this but at the same time I honestly keep forgetting to update things on the community when I update on the site while I will still talk about these things on my journal itself.

So, we thank you very much for being joined on here.

Alternately you can subscribe to the blog itself because when we get to 25 subscribers I'm going to do a giveaway :)

Rumors of Our Demise -- Exaggerated

Though I hope I'd been clear that we're not closing just losing two partners and sort of returning to the way things used to be. The new Silver Path site is coming along nicely. There are still a few bugs that we need to work out but we're pretty well operational in our new stead. In order to make things easier to maintain I merged the blog and the main site. That means ajoyfulpath will be a bit defunkt. If a paid user could set up a "Silver Path" feed on here that would be much appreciated and perhaps rewarded with a 3 carder :)

One bit of news though. Kore is changing residences. She has a new out-of-the-house job which requires her to move to a new city. So, she will be unavailable for readings for a little while. Once she gets settled into her new place and new routine she'll let me know and let you guys know that she's open for business again.

She's taking the jewelry making supplies with her as she's better physically able to make pieces on a regular basis whereas my hands don't cooperate much with the tiny fiddly bits of tying off ends and bending loops.

I still have some herbs and teas here that I'm willing to part with, hard as it is--they're very yummy, and thus they're listed up in the shopping cart. I have a slightly amended blend of Spiced Rum that I need to put back up once it's been "independently" taste tested. It's a bit more Rum than Spice now. I also still have some smudging and cleansing supplies and some tea balls and tea spoon/scoops. I'll post some pictures once the chaos of furniture moving is done with and add them on to the cart. You can see them on the Silver Path Facebook page in our Wall Photos.

We also have some things up on a Silver Path Etsy Shop, close out things and supplies. So take a gander if you please. Thanks to those who have already bought. I hope to get things out tomorrow BUT with Kore moving that day it's more likely to be Monday morning before things ship.

I'm also looking in to doing some more wood-burning. I made a few pendants of that along the way, when our friend "Z" was unable to attend the markets and I've found it's a lot easier on the hands than other things. I've been practicing a bit on picture frames and boxes and also on some leather that I'd been given for carving. I hope to start offering pieces of that once I'm a bit more confident in my ability to consistently produce.

Thank you for bearing with us in our latest transition. We hope to keep the good and do away with the things which weren't working well.
It's all too much

Closing Our Doors

You may have noticed there was no Guess What? Wednesday today. That's because I was busy finishing transferring our jewelry items to Etsy and putting our tea products on sale.

We regret to announce that we're closing this current incarnation. We've been unable to keep up with going to market and none of the partners have enough equity to keep plugging along with the business in the current climate. It's our hope that we can get our existing products off the shelves at this time. I know I will continue to offer tarot services as I have done previously by myself after the door closes on our Herbal Tea and Jewelry line.

Our teas are being sold still through our shopping cart here at 25% off given the Etsy fee for multiple products would mean we'd have to actually raise the price which we don't want to do. Jewelry is 25% off on Etsy if you use the coupon code: CLOSEOUT. I'll be putting some of our jewelry supplies up on Etsy over the next week or so for those of you who are fellow jewelry makers who might make use of those supplies.

We thank you for your support over the past year.

P.S. tarot readings are still 10% off through the end of the year. Get your 2012 predictions!

Update of Updates

So, based on the feedback we've been getting here and various other places we're refreshing ourselves once more.

What does this mean?

Well, I'm still going to endeavor to keep up with posting here, there and everywhere; but our main push is going to be driving traffic to the blog and therefore the website. Rather than cross-posting what is put on the blog here and to FB it's going to be on the blog. I'll do round-ups of what has been posted here, with links back there and we encourage everyone to subscribe to the blog using the nifty subscription link. At some point we'll hopefully be able to create a feed for the blog here but at this time I no longer have a paid account and Kore no longer has access to her account which is also unpaid so we'll have to wait on that.. Thank you to cassandramorgan for finding out, while trying to set one up for us, that we do have a feed. So, you can follow our blog through LJ here: ajoyfulpath ^_^

The blog is here: and there is a nifty subscription link right there underneath the sidebar, so you can either have it sent to your email or put it into your RSS reader: will also work.

For now what we're doing is:
  • We're posting ghost stories to get us in the Samhain/Halloween mood. We'll be doing at least one or two per week until Samhain. We'd love to hear other people's ghost stories too. Share with us and we'll post them on the blog as well .With credit of course!

  • We've opened what was "Ask Catriona" previously as now Ask The Silver Path where we'll answer any supernatural, paranormal, weird, witchy questions, or anything else you might be curious about. Previously I've explained hypnotherapy, tarot cards, tarot spreads and how to communicate with a ghost in a mirror. I will be digging up those and reposting them as well.

  • We're ironing out the details of the photo teaser contest and hope to start that up very soon. The premise is that we'll post a small crop of a bigger photo of something, could be a key, could be a lamp post, could be anything and our readers guess. The first person to guess right wins. The winner each week is put into a drawing and then every three months we'll draw among those winners for a prize. At the end of the year everyone who won is put into another drawing for something even bigger. As I say we're ironing out the kinks and working out exactly what we want to offer as prizes and if we'll open up the end of year raffle to others who pimp or buy tickets or what; but soon there will be a proper announcement and rulings. So stay tuned!

  • We have new products in the Cauldron more new age supplies are in athames, cauldrons (!), mortar & pestles, brooms for right now. I'm adding additional smudge sticks in and hope to get chalices and a few other things in there soon. Like our altar starter kits! ^_^ A witch's work is never done!

As always we love to hear your feedback either here or on the blog; but know on the blog if you comment and include a link your site or blog it will be picked up by google (unlike here) and help with your own PR! ^_^
The key is faith

Survey/Feedback etc.

We've noticed that we're having problems getting the word out about us. Even the free card draws don't seem to be sparking people's interest so much any more which is UNHEARD OF.

I guess we're not connecting to the right places or the right people. I feel a bit like I'm shouting from the bottom of a pond.

We don't want to be doing contests all the time because then we can't keep up with things we just wind up giving away all our inventory; but at the same time it's hard especially with the teas. I know it's gotta be difficult with the whole NO SERIOUSLY THE TEA IS YUMMY BUY IT. How do people know?

Then when I post to the blog itself that doesn't seem to be reaching anyone and the feedback you get on FB is so short I mean "like" :p I also feel like I'm losing my own voice. I get into this must be all proper when posting to the blog so then I wonder if that's putting people off.

Anyway, I'm not sure anyone's listening here either but I'm at the point where I'm just blabbing things all over the place.

What would you like to see us do for the contests? I was hoping to make them more exciting. The raffle we did we were hoping to offset shipping costs but it go no bites. Halfway through I thought. Oh, we should have thought of a charity to donate half or 3/4 of the proceeds to depending on how much shipping was. Blah. Coulda Shoulda Woulda.

I was running through various ideas on things I could do try and liven things up. I don't like that things are becoming a chore. This is supposed to be fun. We want people to have fun chatting with us, finding things out, sharing experiences.

I was thinking we might start up "Ask Catriona" again, though I had tried to employ formspring for that BUST.
I was also thinking of turning the contests into an ongoing thing. Where we could do a mini contest every week where you get a coupon code if you win and then put all the winner's names into a big end of year raffle or something like that.
I want to try the Card of the Day/Week again but not sure if video is better or not.

Any other suggestions or ideas are most welcome!
Or just conversation even!
The key is faith

New Products

We are adding new teas to our shopping cart

The Silver Path: Cauldron

I'm also slowly adding other products in there: athames, cauldrons and mortar & pestles so far.
Over the next few days I'll be adding more things in.
What sort of supplies are you guys interested in? Will help me prioritize things a bit. We have a lot at our disposal now so it gets a bit overwhelming.

We're still holding our raffle. Check out our Official Blog for ways to get raffle tickets.

You can win: a cleansing starter kit (mini cauldron, candles, quartz crystal, special incense blend white sage, green sage, lavender and jasmine)
Tarot Readings
Tea Sampler Pack
Tea Gift Pack

I'm looking in to adding hypnosis .mp3s and programs into our line-up. Once I get some more feedback from my guinea pigs :) so stay tuned!
BSSM - Ami - fave

UPDATE: Raffle Prizes

I've mentioned on facebook and livejournal that we are intending to add more prizes to the raffle once ticket sales reach a certain marker. We're 14 tickets away from that marker as of 9/14. The tickets are available for sale until 10/5/11. The drawing will be on 10/6.

Main Prize.
The cleansing kit in the previous post. A cast-iron table-top cauldron, three inches in diameter, along with a quartz crystal, elemental and spirit chime candles, and a special incense blend featuring: jasmine, white sage, green sage and lavender. Which is a great blend to burn and allow to cleanse your home and afterwards you can light the elemental and spirit candles to fill your place with positive energy.$25 value. As we add more other prizes we will add a few more things to the main prize pack.

Additional Prizes:
Once we reach 20 tickets: Celtic Cross Tarot reading.
Once we reach 30 tickets: Sampler packs of our black and green teas, and our four new blends of tea (damiana-feverfew, chamomile-mint, signature black and calendula II) with tea-sacs to brew the tea in AND something nifty added to the main prize.
Once we reach 40 tickets: Additional Celtic Cross Tarot reading.
Once we reach 50 tickets: Tea Gift Set AND something nifty added to the main prize.

So, get your raffle tickets today!

BUY 1 TICKET: $1.00

BUY 6 TICKETS: $5.00

BUY 12 TICKETS: $10.00

Fibro Awareness

October Raffle!

Tell your friends!!!

October is a BIG time of year for us, not only is it Halloween or Samhain which is the favorite holiday celebration for several of us here at the Silver Path but it's Kore's birthday and also the anniversary of the day that we founded our company in it's current incarnation. So Happy First Birthday to us!

Because of this auspicious occasion we wanted to do something big. So, we're doing a raffle for this awesome prize package.

plate not included.

What is this plate of wonder?
This is an AWESOME CLEANSING KIT. $25.00 value.
We have elemental chime candles; spirit, earth, air, fire, and water. A quartz crystal. A cast-iron cauldron for incense burning along with a cleansing incense blend that we've put together: Lavender and Jasmine with Green and White Sage.

The contest will run through the end of the month, with the winner drawn on October 6th our anniversary so that they can get the package before Samhain.
See the links below to purchase your raffle tickets.

BUY 1 TICKET: $1.00

BUY 6 TICKETS: $5.00

BUY 12 TICKETS: $10.00

cold girl, Core (cold)

Three Card Draw Request Thread

The three card draw has started. For rules see the previous post.

Kore has lost her LJ log in so I will just put up two comment threads here for requests.

We greatly appreciate tips and donations given the time and energy the sheer amount of readings will take.
Send them to both K and I have some really crappy medical expenses going on right now.

If donations reach $25 we will raffle a six card reading among draw participants.
If donations reach $50 we will also raffle a Celtic Cross reading among draw participants.
If donations reach $100 we will also raffle a Six-Month/Annual reading among draw participants.

We thank you very much for your participation.

The draw will run until 8 p.m. E.S.T.

Please mention among your friend's list. We appreciate that very much also.
cold girl, Core (cold)

3 Card Draw

Apologies for the short notice. We're doing a three card draw today from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. It was a spontaneous thing which came about from us blowing up to over 230 likes from 108 on our FB page and had to be today as it's the only day that Kore is off work for a while.

I know there are some who won't be able to access us on FB and you've been loyal fans of us from the beginning so I wanted to hop over here and post it also.

So any time between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST hop over here and you can get a three card reading from myself or Kore, only if you have not already requested them from us on the FB page (

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